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The Appropriate Customer Care Service Contact Number for Thames Water

0844-776-9716 is the best number to call for Thames Water support services. Something to note: The firm’s site tells it client that call made to 084 numbers will have a rate of 7pm/min which is exclusive from your providers call rates.

In the UK, Thames Water is actually the largest water supplier and water management firm found there. It has a client base of more than 27% of the UK’s population. The company covers some of the popular and wide areas in UK. These includes Kent, Surrey, Thames valley, Wiltshire and other areas of greater London.

If you are in situated in England and Wales, one cannot choose the type of Water Company to serve them. The type of water management services one gets will entirely depend on their residential location. If you are a resident within the Thames Water contact catchment or coverage area, you will automatically become a client of Thomas Water.

In England and Wales various water management factors were being handled by many firms, but this alter on changed.  Changes were seen after the 1973 Water Act which lead to the formation of different bodies according to where there were situated. It lead to the formation of 10 local Water Authorities. The firm was privatized in 1989, and in the year 1995, it was known as the 3rd largest water company globally. In 2006 it was acquired by Kemble Water Limited.

Examples of Services One Can Get From Customer Care

As a Thomas Water customer, there are numerous situations that will require you to talk to a customer care agent. Some of the common reasons include the following:

  1. If you want to pay your bill.
  2. Getting your account info.
  3. If you are moving and need to update your address.
  4. Reporting a leak in the property.
  5. If you are experiencing a sewer flooding.
  6. To report an issues or changes in water pressure or supply.
  7. If you want to get information on the water work within a particular area.

These are examples of some of the queries Thames Water support team can handle. For these and more issues, one will need to use the customer care number provided above.

Thames Water has a customer care team that is more than ready to cater for all your need whenever you need. The representatives have the necessary skills needed to answer and provide you with an adequate solution to all your questions.


When does one receive water bill?

Water meter – If you have a meter installed in your property, you will be billed twice a year. The company will make a reading at least once every year.

No Meter – If you don’t have a water meter, you will receive a water bill from Thames once a year. This can be February or in the month of Match. The will send you a letter to inform you of the water bill you need to pay for the next year. Billing duration is between 1st April and 31st March.

New Home – If you have just relocated to a new home, or area, you will get a water bill within ten business days. One will be charged for water use from the day they enter the house to the end of March of next year.

What to do when water supply is not available?

When you have a problem with your water supply, there are could be a number of reason. One should check for any issues in your area, check their stop valves, and check their pipes and a few more thing. If unable to get a clear reason of water supply shortage, make sure to get in touch with customer care services.

Some of the things you need to keep in mind when calling customer care services include the following:

The moment you call Thames Water customer services it is important that you get straight to the problem. As a client, you need to provide the details in the problems that you may be experiencing. It is important that you describe your issues in a detailed manner. This will allow the customer care agent to fully understand you problem. By doing so, one will save time and also get the appropriate solution for their issue. Some of the details you need to have is your address, payment details, contact details, water meter reading and the Thames Water account number.

With these few tips you will get the services that you need. Thames Water Company aims at having all their client satisfied and get efficient and accurate kind of customer care services.

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