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Which Is The Best Contact Number For Swiftcover Customer Care Services?

The contact number for Swiftcover  is 0844-776-9712. The firm’s website says that calls made to 084 numbers will have a calling rate of 7p/min exclusive of your providers call rates.

Swiftcover actually started as an insurance company. At that time it was providing all its products and services using the internet. That was back in 2005. Two years down the line, Swiftcover was acquired by AXA insurance. Until now the Company operated as a subsidiary of AXA Insurance Company.

As time passed, the popularity of Swiftcover increased, especially due to the fact it had famous musician as clients, including Iggy Pop, who also advertised their products and services. One of the unique services that Swiftcover is able to provide is its ability to handle and manage a client’s alien through their online platform. If one is not interested in using the online platform, the company also provides customer services over the phone, for those looking for another option.

Getting in Touch with a Customer Care Service Agent at Swiftcover

As a customer at Swiftcover, one can be able to request customer care services by simply using their contact number. The company offer customers services everyday all week, weekends included. Between Monday and Friday, the customer support team is available from 8AM to 9PM. On Saturdays, the support staff is available from 8AM to 6PM. On Sunday s, one can call a customer care agent between 8AM and 5PM. During the holidays, the hours may vary as suggested above. For best assistance, one needs to call within the hour they are available so as to get help that they need.

Factors That You Need To Keep In Mind When You Want To Talk To a Customer Care Agent

There various things that you need to observer as a client so as to get eh best support services. Some of the things that you can do include the following:

The Swiftcover support team is available for clients to call and inquire on various kinds of situation. A few reason you may call an agent include making changes to your policy, to request a change in your details, to renew your policy, to remover or add a member your insurance cover, ask for a refund, request for certain details and much more. At the end of the day, you will be able to get the kind of help that you need as a swiftcover contact number.

When calling the customer care number, you need to have all the necessary details related to your policy with you. These includes your policy number, any previous ticket number, among other important details. When you have all the necessary info, you will be able to speed up the process of receiving the necessary solution for your queries.

When talking to customer care it is important that you reciprocate the kind and pleasant services that you receive. When you are rude and annoying to an agent, you might not get the appropriate kind of services for you problem.

With these important things to keep in mind, you will be able to definitely get the support services that you need related to Swiftcover.


Is one covered to drive someone else’s car on their policy?

This will highly be affected by the type of details that are your policy details. If you want to check if you are covered when driving someone else’s care, you need to read section five of your insurance policy. Something you need to note is that, driving another person’s vehicle has a minimum age restriction. The minimum age is 25, if one is below this age, they do not qualify for this term in the policy.

It is important that you check the type of vehicle you want to drive. One may be covered if the owner of the other car has an insurance cover. In most cases, one will not be covered when it comes to driving a bus, van or a non-standard vehicle. To learn more about this, you can get in touch with a customer care agent.

I haven’t received my policy documents, where are they?

All documents on concerning your policy can be found on the Swiftcover’s online platform. If you want to find your policy documents, you will need to login to your account. You will need to navigate to the “Swift Space” section. Here one will be able to view their appropriate documents. You can download the documents from the same section. If you find that you cannot see your documents you need to get in touch with a customer care agent for the right assistance.

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